worldwide export management

WEM is a procurement partner to churches and missions as well as to humanitarian projects, donors and NGO's, who require efficient services at realistic conditions.

WEM has business contacts with up to 90 different countries and Counter Parts with local Offices in various countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania as well as in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The qualified staff dispose of profound knowledge and experience in carrying out complete procurement procedures.

We work on cost covering,
non-profit making basis.

We will provide our more than 50 years experience and know how to support the realization of your project.

For you it means the best performance and service from a committed and experienced partner.
Project Vehicles
Special conditions for brands like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Land Rover. From Stock or from Production with 100% Manufacturers Warranty, considering YOUR individual situation.  more >>

WEM Network & Procurement Solutions
"Custom made" Solutions from Consulting/Monitoring to a complete Supply Chain Management. Various Services available due to a Worldwide Partner Cooperation Network (WEM was founded in 1952)   more >>

WEM at a glance

WEM Flyer (PDF)
WEM Flyer (PDF)
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