About WEM

WEM (Wirtschaftsstelle Evangelischer Missionsgesellschaften GmbH) is the procurement agency of the Protestant Missionary Societies and was founded in 1952.

WEM is actively supporting procurement in about 90 different countries with partners from churches and their institutions, as well as non-church organizations involved in development activities or disaster response (e.g. various NGOs, Hospitals, Vocational Training Centre etc.). WEM is operating cost covering on a non-profit basis, which allows the competitive edge towards commercial suppliers and can ensure ethically sound handling of purchases.

WEM supplies a wide range of products from vehicles to medical equipment , emergency supplies, education materials, communication equipment, tools and spareparts, including setting up complete hospitals or training centres. WEM is achieving excellent conditions with the suppliers and has the aim to also give chances to qualified and suitable suppliers from the “South” in order to have the proceeds remaining and invested in the local economy.

By co-operating with local partner procurement agencies and utilising further strategic alliances WEM is able to provide the whole logistical support through to final destination also for many difficult destinations.

WEM has agreements with partners exclusively to arrange for their general procurement and has been procuring for International NGOs or Government Agencies, by strictly observing respective criteria and ethical guidelines for the procurement of goods and services of e.g. EU, UN, GTZ and KFW.

PDF: General Sales Conditions (PDF)
Procurement Policy & Ethical Standards (PDF)

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