Through our close co-operation with various missions, hospitals & partners worldwide, Ophtalmology has become a focus among our range of products.

Product Range Overview

Medicaments For example Antibiotics, Steroids, Anti-Fungus, Antiviral, Myratics, Motics, Tropical Anaestetics, Sterilising Agents
Local Production of Eye-Drops All raw materials, instruments and equipment glass ware
Operation Rooms All consumables, instruments and equipment, for example sutures, IOLs, cataract kits, autoclaves, cautery operation microscopes, anaesthesia
Equipment for Ambulance and Instruction Ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, tonometers, biometers
Optical Equipment and Consumables Frames, lenses, spectacles
Workshop/Optician All apparatus and instruments for surface treatment and cutting
Information and Teaching Materials Publications, media, books, posters, and models, toys and games, clocks, watches, braille-typewriters, -computers, -printers, and -pape
Miscellaneous ENT-materials, orthopaedic equipment, workshop equipment

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